Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Cross Sell Marketing

When you get right down to it, customers and companies have the same basic wants. Customers prefer to order products from companies they already know and trust, and companies enjoy selling multiple items and services to preexisting customers. This intersection of wants is where cross sell marketing comes in handy.

Cross sell marketing is when companies reach out to their preexisting customers, either to remind them to keep buying or to advertise new services.

For customers, interacting with a small number of trusted companies is both safer and more convenient. On the other side, companies save money by selling more items to preexisting customers, all the while nourishing a sense of brand loyalty that competitors will find hard to beat. That’s good for everyone.

But cross sell marketing can backfire if it is executed incorrectly. In this case, customers might feel annoyed or harassed by the phone call, letter, email, or whatever method is employed—maybe even enough to sever all ties with the company.

Thus, it’s extremely important to find a reliable cross sell marketing service, like the folks at When you’re in good hands, you’ll foster customers, not scare them away.

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