Monday, January 25, 2010

Personalized Direct Mail - Is This A Good Marketing Option?

When most people get their mail they cringe at the fact that there are so many bills in the pile. I know, I hate it too! However, on the off chance that you do receive daily bills, there is something that you might actually LIKE to receive in the mail and that is personalized direct mail. I actually receive these quite a lot from my dentist and health practitioner. Usually my dentists will send a funny one with my name on the piece of mail along with a personalized greeting and wording. People actually like receiving this stuff because you aren't treating them as another "sale".

Instead, you are checking in with them, you are calling them by their name, and you are letting them know, on the off chance that they are interested, what they have for you and why it can benefit you. Personalized printing actually has become quite a popular marketing technique because it's not as evasive as something like spam mail which we never wanted to receive anyway.

One to one printing is a superb way to accomplish cross sell marketing and variable data printing because you are truly customizing each piece of mail to your customer. So instead of sending out one single message to 10,000 people, you are essentially sending out 10,000 messages to 10,000 people.

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