Monday, January 25, 2010

Personalized Direct Mail - Is This A Good Marketing Option?

When most people get their mail they cringe at the fact that there are so many bills in the pile. I know, I hate it too! However, on the off chance that you do receive daily bills, there is something that you might actually LIKE to receive in the mail and that is personalized direct mail. I actually receive these quite a lot from my dentist and health practitioner. Usually my dentists will send a funny one with my name on the piece of mail along with a personalized greeting and wording. People actually like receiving this stuff because you aren't treating them as another "sale".

Instead, you are checking in with them, you are calling them by their name, and you are letting them know, on the off chance that they are interested, what they have for you and why it can benefit you. Personalized printing actually has become quite a popular marketing technique because it's not as evasive as something like spam mail which we never wanted to receive anyway.

One to one printing is a superb way to accomplish cross sell marketing and variable data printing because you are truly customizing each piece of mail to your customer. So instead of sending out one single message to 10,000 people, you are essentially sending out 10,000 messages to 10,000 people.

Monday, January 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern: Try Variable Data Printing

Before we talk about variable data printing, I’ve got a question for you: Which of these do you find more appealing, To Whom It May Concern or Dear Joe?

Probably Dear Joe, right? With the dreaded To Whom It May Concern, readers (i.e. customers) will see that you don’t know who they are, which might make them not care who you are. And that means you just paid for paper, ink, and postage for absolutely zero return.

Then again, it wouldn’t exactly be cost effective to change the salutations on a thousand different letters and envelopes one-by-one, would it? Not everyone is named Joe, after all. If only there was an easier way…

Alright, now it’s time to talk about variable data printing, the technology that allows you to customize a base letter, envelope, or anything else to suit individual recipients. You can change the name, address, or even more specific contents—everything is customizable!

Variable data printing is an affordable method of marketing that’s been proven to attract more customers than impersonal solicitations. Remember, people want Dear Joe, not To Whom It May Concern.

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Pros and Cons of Cross Sell Marketing

When you get right down to it, customers and companies have the same basic wants. Customers prefer to order products from companies they already know and trust, and companies enjoy selling multiple items and services to preexisting customers. This intersection of wants is where cross sell marketing comes in handy.

Cross sell marketing is when companies reach out to their preexisting customers, either to remind them to keep buying or to advertise new services.

For customers, interacting with a small number of trusted companies is both safer and more convenient. On the other side, companies save money by selling more items to preexisting customers, all the while nourishing a sense of brand loyalty that competitors will find hard to beat. That’s good for everyone.

But cross sell marketing can backfire if it is executed incorrectly. In this case, customers might feel annoyed or harassed by the phone call, letter, email, or whatever method is employed—maybe even enough to sever all ties with the company.

Thus, it’s extremely important to find a reliable cross sell marketing service, like the folks at When you’re in good hands, you’ll foster customers, not scare them away.

Monday, January 4, 2010

What Are The Main Benefits To Personalized Printing?

Direct mail also known as personalized direct mail is a marketing tool that is delivered to the people via the postal service. Direct mail, also known as advertising mail is the best way to improve one’s business. The advantage of direct mails is that you can precisely target potential customers. A direct mail with personalized printing creates a one-to-one printing contact and helps to make a tremendous enhancement in the business. The other advantage of direct mail is that one can easily and quickly produce these campaign tools.

With the usage of variable data printing, one can print different name and address in each mail without slowing down the printing process. When you address some one by name, it gives a personal touch to the campaign tool. If the mail has one-to-one printing, the response from the customer is very quick, especially if you include a return card in the direct mail envelope. One can also use direct mail for cross sell marketing. Cross sell marketing helps to improve the relationship with the existing customer and thus helps to increase the revenue.

Another important aspect of direct mail is that one should send these advertising mails to the potential customers. Those, who are new to business and yet to have a client base can obtain the mailing list from companies that sell mailing list. In order to lure the customer, it is always better to package the direct mail in an attractive envelope with clear messages printed on the envelope, or else, the mail will probably remain unopened and finally will end up in the trash can. Direct mail is a versatile campaign tool and a well planned direct mail is sure to enhance the business.