Monday, December 21, 2009

What Are The Different Kinds Of Direct Mail Marketing?

If you own or run a business you should know that marketing techniques are either going to make you or break you. If they make you, then you will be raking in the money and will have leads and opportunities galore to check out. If they break you, you could very well be losing more money putting time and money into the project, than you are going to get out of the project. There are a few main types of direct marketing.

The first one is direct or personalized direct mail marketing. This is when you send a personalized piece of content such as a letter or a postcard using personalized printing and one to one printing.

You would be using the person's name, possibly using a captured picture embossed with their name, choosing different fonts, sizes, and colors. This is one of the most POPULAR forms of marketing.

The second option is cross sell marketing or cross selling. This utilizes customers that you already have a history with, by sending them "reminders" to order again. It's all about return customers. You can do this marketing tactic with personalized direct mail, email marketing, phone calls and whatever else you want.

The third option is sales letters - have it be through variable data printing, written letters, email letters or even a sales page. This is all about grabbing NEW leads. You would let them know who you are, why they need you or your product, what you can do for them, and when or in what situations they would need you! I'm sure there are other types as well, but these are three of the most popular and the best working techniques!

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