Monday, December 14, 2009

Personalized Direct Mail For Your Small Business!

Most Marketing websites you visit these days for tips on how to make your small business more successful will all tell you how important it is to use personalized direct mail for your small business. Heck, I really don't think you have to use this for JUST a small business, you can probably use it for any business. Small businesses simply have a harder time getting real customers ALL the time, so this is probably why they suggest it.

Traditionally this option or technique worked in one of two ways. Either the mailing would result in a direct sale or as a method of generating leads. You can go about direct mail in two ways. You can either do it yourself and possibly make some big mistakes that could turn off leads or customers. Or you could choose to let a company that specializes in personalized direct mail, variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing and one to one printing to do it for you. Just like how you know to do your job, we know how to do ours and how to get you the best results possible.

Also, we’re going to charge MUCH less than you think. If you do personalized direct mail on your own, you have to worry about the right printer, printing, labels and postage. Whereas with a company they can get all of these things at a cheaper price and get it personalized. So it's not like we are going out and buying a $5,00 printer on demand right then and there. These are tools which we already have in hand.

You also have to consider organization and time management. If you do this yourself you could be wasting time - time that you could be doing something more important. With Wilen Direct, everything will be done for you – we’ll even send out the personalized direct mail!

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