Monday, December 28, 2009

How Can Personalized Printing Make My Business More Successful?

here is nothing as powerful in the marketing, communication, sales or advertising business as the well planned and strategic use of a positive direct mail or personalized direct mail campaign. Particularly in this information age when impersonal advertising bombards a person from one side to the other, there is still a special place and a special feeling enjoyed by the sense of worth indicated and implied receiving a piece of direct mail from someone. It reinforces the idea and belief that I am someone, I am important and not just another countless statistic, nameless number existing out in the netherworld.

This is a perfect way for someone to do cross sell marketing, without seeming like they are just another sell. It has often been cited in studies by people who specialize in these things that a person who receives a piece of direct mail from another party a number of times, three or four on a smartly spaced set of intervals will actually get to the point that they are comfortable with the sender and feeling as if they are receiving a message from a friend, someone they know and someone they are comfortable with.

This personalized printing contact certainly increases the possibility that this person is going to choose you to do business with over the stranger next door. The upside to the use of direct mail is huge in so many different ways. Again, the feeling of intimacy it creates with the recipient is foremost. Then some of the other advantages available to the sender are that its success is measurable easily, handled properly it can be very cost effective, it personalizes whatever it is you are offering and it will provide an immediate return on your investment. In order to view our variable data printing or one to one printing options, please visit our website now!

Monday, December 21, 2009

What Are The Different Kinds Of Direct Mail Marketing?

If you own or run a business you should know that marketing techniques are either going to make you or break you. If they make you, then you will be raking in the money and will have leads and opportunities galore to check out. If they break you, you could very well be losing more money putting time and money into the project, than you are going to get out of the project. There are a few main types of direct marketing.

The first one is direct or personalized direct mail marketing. This is when you send a personalized piece of content such as a letter or a postcard using personalized printing and one to one printing.

You would be using the person's name, possibly using a captured picture embossed with their name, choosing different fonts, sizes, and colors. This is one of the most POPULAR forms of marketing.

The second option is cross sell marketing or cross selling. This utilizes customers that you already have a history with, by sending them "reminders" to order again. It's all about return customers. You can do this marketing tactic with personalized direct mail, email marketing, phone calls and whatever else you want.

The third option is sales letters - have it be through variable data printing, written letters, email letters or even a sales page. This is all about grabbing NEW leads. You would let them know who you are, why they need you or your product, what you can do for them, and when or in what situations they would need you! I'm sure there are other types as well, but these are three of the most popular and the best working techniques!

For more information about Direct Marketing and Direct Mail, visit, learn about our integrated direct mail facility that leverages our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and let us care about all your Direct Mail needs.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Personalized Direct Mail For Your Small Business!

Most Marketing websites you visit these days for tips on how to make your small business more successful will all tell you how important it is to use personalized direct mail for your small business. Heck, I really don't think you have to use this for JUST a small business, you can probably use it for any business. Small businesses simply have a harder time getting real customers ALL the time, so this is probably why they suggest it.

Traditionally this option or technique worked in one of two ways. Either the mailing would result in a direct sale or as a method of generating leads. You can go about direct mail in two ways. You can either do it yourself and possibly make some big mistakes that could turn off leads or customers. Or you could choose to let a company that specializes in personalized direct mail, variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing and one to one printing to do it for you. Just like how you know to do your job, we know how to do ours and how to get you the best results possible.

Also, we’re going to charge MUCH less than you think. If you do personalized direct mail on your own, you have to worry about the right printer, printing, labels and postage. Whereas with a company they can get all of these things at a cheaper price and get it personalized. So it's not like we are going out and buying a $5,00 printer on demand right then and there. These are tools which we already have in hand.

You also have to consider organization and time management. If you do this yourself you could be wasting time - time that you could be doing something more important. With Wilen Direct, everything will be done for you – we’ll even send out the personalized direct mail!

Monday, December 7, 2009

How Can Personalized Direct Mail Help My Business?

nyone can send an email or a snail mail letter to a person. But to really custom the "meeting" of the person, and to get them to do whatever it is you want them to do - such as buy your product or service, you need to use a few gimmicks. One of the options you have available to you is personalized direct mail, personalized printing and one to one printing. Companies such as ours can also do variable data processing, cross sell marketing and other techniques in order to "sell" your leads.

It's not only about the products or services you sell, but about professionalism and a cost efficient and effective way to reach the right people at the right time. Personalized direct mail can help your business succeed because it results in things such as expanding your market, increased response rates, real time leads, it also allows you to build customer relationships and capture valuable data about your customers. With a customized or personal mail setting you are ultimately sending out positive interaction with your consumers - which in turn makes them want to take action!

This obviously means more sales, but it also allows people to trust you more as well. For the most part, people don't like being sold sold sold. Instead, they would like to be treated like a REAL person. With personalized direct mail you can be sure that people will feel more at ease when you contact them - personally. I know sometimes when I send out mass emails to my customers with the email starting as "Dear Customer" people will get annoyed because it's not a personable level - it’s like you are treating them like you’re an ATM machine, only this time you are after their money – and you don’t want that... right?