Monday, November 23, 2009

Wish You Could Find A Website For ALL Your Marketing Tactics?

Chances are if you have a business, you need or want as much help with marketing tactics as you can get. Most people don't just try one thing, and a lot of people don't just stick with one thing. You could do a whole bunch of research yourself, spend thousands of dollars on advertising and marketing or you could just try something that has been proven to work it's really easy, and it's almost -- fun! I am always trying to find new tactics so when I found a website online that would not only help me market my business, get new customers from leads, and keep in touch with old customers - I was ecstatic.

Hey, return business always wanted and always good, but you also have to get new customers as well. Sending emails? Way outdated. Want something innovative, sharp and classy? Try personalized direct mail! There are companies like Wilen Direct that actually do all of the hard work for you, all you have to do is give them the information you want, every single detail, even down to the fine print. You can choose any colors you want - or brand yourself even more by using the colors of your business, use your logo, use the person's real name instead of "Customer" or "Hi".

You can also have use of Wilen’s variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing, one to one printing options as well all of which are available to help you make more money, look more professional and really catch the attention of the people receiving the mail! This is a really fantastic way of going about this because email marketing has become so outdated people need a new way to "connect" to their leads/customers.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Email Marketing Got You Down? Have You Considered Sending Out Personalized Direct Mail?

The amount of people marketing their businesses over the years has quadrupled. Some of these people are using specific techniques such as email marketing. But does this really work after all these years? I have a business myself and I absolutely hate email marketing. Not only is it a pain to customize every email I send out, but it's also hard to write the perfect email so that your email won't get sent to spam. Collecting customers and leads is hard enough with out trying to deal with all this other stuff on top of it.

One of the newer/older techniques that is coming under way is personalized direct mail. This is going to make it much easier for you to send personalized mail that is not only going to "reel" in your customers to come back for more business and your new leads to try out your service, products or business, but it's also going to make you look more professional as well! Wilen Direct offers all kinds of marketing and personalization techniques when it comes to your customers and clients such as personalized direct mail, variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing, one to one printing.

I really liked Wilen Direct that offered me the whole shebang, this means that you can do everything right on their website and you won't need to go anywhere else for anything else! Also, you should keep in mind that while email marketing is still being done, its actually personalized direct mail that has the most results. Now you can look professional, use the best tactics possible, and get more business! What more could you ask for?!?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Do You Have A Business? Do You Wish You Could Find A Site That Offers Personalized Printing Options?

If you have a business either offline or online, it's important that you try to personalize anything that you send out as much as possible. This is more about branding and professionalism than anything else. This includes envelopes, thank you cards and letters to customers about new promotions or sales you might be having. Personalized direct mail has one of the highest acceptance rates for any marketing type of tactic. In fact, it's even higher than that of email marketing - which is actually a HUGE market!

Wilen Direct can help you customize your direct mail - among other things we also offer One to One Printing, personalized printing and even variable data printing. Variable data printing is a methodology utilized to attain advanced rates for customers and leads. It also increases your return on investment in personalized merchandising promotions. By using production-class digital printers you can alter the look, textual matter, and promotions on every single piece you send out.

The point of this is to end up with a much higher quality product than any regular printer could possibly spit out! This could enhance your business three times more than using the printer you are using now. This is all about marketing and reaching out to your customers, but it's in a way that will make you seem more professional and more willing to put time into those that matter - your customers!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Do You Need Marketing Ideas? Have You Tried Personalized Direct Mail?

As a business owner you need to come up with new and innovative ideas on not only how to reach new and old customers, but to also "reel" them in. With something like personalized direct mail, you can do just that! Now you could do something like this on your own, but that is going to take a lot of time buddy! Instead, you can hire someone to do it for you. They offer all kinds of marketing services that someone such as yourself could put to use such as variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing and one to one printing.

This is not only going to allow you to reach your leads and or customers, but it's also going to include the best marketing tactics to get NEW sales. After all that's the point of marketing; sales, new customers, keeping up with old customers, and making yourself known. If you don't have these variables, chances are business is going to be very slow for you! A lot of people are doing marketing through personalized direct mail, so it's also important that you choose a company that will really make YOUR mail stand out.

You can also choose different pieces of mail for different people on your list. Criteria such as interests, goals, activities, etc. Have you ever sent an email out to your list accidentally and didn't include the "name" tag? I've got a good idea that you probably didn't receive as good a response as you had hoped. However, when you actually call people by their names, you will get a better response. This same customized name aspect also works with variable data printing, cross sell marketing, personalized printing and one to one printing marketing tactics as well. Just something you can think about!

For more information about Direct Marketing and Direct Mail, visit, learn about our integrated direct mail facility that leverages our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and let us care about all your Direct Mail needs.