Sunday, July 26, 2009

Direct Marketing 101: How to create a customer database?

In an economic climate like ours, it’s crucial to stay in direct touch with your costumers. Direct Mail is a great tool, but it hardly means anything without an efficient data base.

A good database should include your consumers’ birthdates, their age, family status, purchasing history, and any piece of information that can help you pinpoint a target audience. Not only you’ll receive higher feedbacks and response ratings, but you will also save a buck or two.

An efficient database also implements strategic profiling and response tracking, thereby ensuring that you only mail to the best prospects who needs your products.

There are a few database management solutions available on the market that can help you with verification services and delivery point validation. A reliable database management should enhance your list on a daily basis and provide you with intelligent and predictive modeling capabilities.

A leading marketing company that can help you reduce waste in both postage and production is Wilen Direct. Only last year, Wilen Direct’s team of dedicated experts successfully removed nearly 24 million addresses, saving a client $6.8 million in undeliverable mail annually. Visit and find out how your business can build a stronger, effective and efficient database.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Reach Consumers the moment they open the envelope

Sending a monthly bill to your customer? How about cutting mailing costs and adding a little something extra to that once a month envelope?

A bill insert is a secondary document, with promotional or informational content, that is mailed with a bill or an invoice. Unlike regular Direct Mail which might not be noticed, a bill insert is a great way to reach your target consumer, the minute he or she open the envelope. Another benefit of Bill Inserts is the optimal use of mailing expense.

Wilen Direct offers a variety of press-delivered bill insert products that are printed on lightweight heat set coated stocks for weight-sensitive first class statements. Through Wilen Direct, you have the ability to print on metallic, as well as fifth and sixth colors on paper as light as 30# coated stock.

Here are a few examples of Wilen Direct's Bill Inserts:

For more information about how you can enhance your business with Bill Inserts, visit, learn about our integrated direct mail facility that leverages our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and let us care about all your Direct Mail needs.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Connect with your Potential Customer like never before. Try Direct Mail for Small Businesses

Even if you are a small business owner, Direct Mail is a great tool that can help your push sales or a product, create awareness and help your business stick out. Direct Mail is a simple technique where you (the business owner) mail an offer or a massage to customers' private address.

Direct Mail has many benefits and the cost of Direct Mail can be surprisingly low and very flexible. Because you are able to target your audience and send a massage to potential clients, Direct Mail is very personal. You can contact customers using their private name and create an individual touch to your business.

DirectMail can be anything you imagine starting from simple postcards, letters, brochures or even magazines and free samples.

Just so you know, Wilen Direct printed and mailed over one billion direct mail pieces in nationally and regionally placed campaigns. Our format capabilities include postcards, bi-folds, a variety of letter-size formats, interactive products and specialty pieces. Our strength is in evaluating the strategy of your campaign and matching it with cost-effective direct response products, and innovative messaging and presentation.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Direct Mailer? Save time and money with Print Management

Some direct mailers provide you Print Services – did you ever think about Print Management?

With the right print management program, you could save time and money while implementing speed-to-market and direct response programs released on a timely basis and ensure the best responses. With Print Management, you will have tracking and performance element to help you understand the impact of your marketing efforts. Think about how much time and money you’ll save with:

  • Co-palletization
  • Drop Shipping
  • Zone Skipping
  • Mail Tracking

Wilen Direct provides this kind of advanced lettershop fulfillment. We have established a special relationship with the USPS and include on-site mail verification for all of your direct mail.

One of our valued partners saved over $7.8 million dollars in postal savings over two-year period. Was it you?

For more information about Direct Mail and Print Management, visit, learn about our integrated direct mail facility that leverages our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and let us care about all your Direct Mail needs.