Thursday, June 25, 2009

Insider Newsflash – Wilen gets more printing power with Kodak Stream

We got this blog running because we wanted to be able to tell you about the juicy stuff, about the good insider news. Well here's a great new one – Wilen Direct just became the second site in the States to install the Stream Printhead from the Eastman Kodak Company.

Great! But what’s in it for me? Well, here goes – the Kodak Stream allows us to provide your business with enhanced digital personalization capabilities. The Printhead is actually a bridge between offset and digital printing, extending the business and revenue opportunities for companies of all sizes and adding value to printed pages.

It will deliver you, the business owner, highly targeted, cost effective marketing materials that can deliver greater return on your marketing investment. “We now have the ability” says Darrin Wilen, President of Wilen Media “to produce direct mail as much as 40 times faster and at a quarter of the price as the digital print solutions, and for our clients to produce massive amounts of mail in a short amount of time.” Hey, what is youtube for? Let's hear it directly from the boss:

Head on to for more information about the Kodak Stream and how Wilen Direct can help your business grow and save money.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Direct Mail becomes as easy as email

Direct Mail is a high profit, low cost advertising – but can also be time consuming. Nobody wants to give up direct mail but no one has time to purchase the materials, print the media and lick a hundred-thousand envelopes.

There is actually a faster and better way to incorporate direct marketing in your business – it’s called LetterPak and it is an ensemble of Direct Mail letter packs that’s produced in-line. It’s not a typo – it’s really in-line and it allows you to include a letter, buckslip or other tactic inside a formed envelope that wraps around any one of these freestanding pieces. The entire in-line mailer – envelope and its contents – is produced in-line.

Using LetterPak you’ll eliminate the additional costs and time you would need to determine envelope conversions, purchase stock envelopes and insert materials. You can print in color, on all elements, including the envelope and in eight days the letter will hit production line and arrive to the homes of your target audience. You can even customize your massage and go all creative with scratch-offs, metallic inks, die cuts and more.

For more information about LetterPak, visit, learn about our integrated direct mail facility that leverages our state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and let us care about all your Direct Mail needs.